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Is Your mindset stopping you from reaching your goals?

Let’s chat for a few minutes about mindset. And I’m not talking about if you’re a positive person or not. I’m talking about how you view yourself and what expectations you set on yourself and things that you tell yourself every day that are either holding you back or propelling you forward. Are you putting good things in your mind each day?

Negativity surrounds us from the time we turn on the TV, maybe the radio or even go out into public. We can even find this on things that are so good such as social media or social interactions. find that we are comparing ourselves to others, instead of comparing ourselves to our selves and how much we have progressed in such a short amount of time. Not only does this impact you, but it also impacts people around you.

1. Choose to be positive despite your circumstances

2. Be thankful. Feeling jealous always comparing yourself will always turn into an unsatisfied feeling. Start with being thankful for food, water, your health, your home, your relationships. Then let your list grow from there.

3. Smile- smiling or release dopamine, which is our happy hormone. It’s also contagious.

4. Sit, or stand tall, learn the posture of confidence

5. Encourage others may call a friend and just say I was thinking of you.

6. Serve someone this week maybe it’s just an act of kindness to a random stranger, or someone that you know might be struggling

7. Give generously and pay it forward. This does not have to be monetary. It can totally be time talents, treasures.

8. Change your goal- many of us are far too hard on ourselves and shooting for perfection, which is impossible to achieve. We need to be striving for progress and being one percent better today than we were yesterday.

9. Stop focusing on the past, and Start to focus on the present and future

10.Listen to your favorite, encouraging music or podcast

11. Spend some time in God‘s word, and reflecting on your blessings

12. Put boundaries on negative people in relationships, groups, or even family.

13. Prioritize sleep if you’re not rested, it’s going to be hard to be positive.

14. Fuel your body with healthy foods limiting processed nutrition. Whole healthy foods will always give you a better outcome.


Exercise and sunlight. Morning exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, seratonin, and also helps you make good choices during the day. Combine that with 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight and that is a magical combination.❤️

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