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It's just too hard...

Updated: May 22

Does this sound like something that you have said more than once? Yes... that was me over 20 years ago. Have I always been 100% committed, NO!!! Neither will you... It just takes making the step to do it. Ya know, say enough is enough. Finally allowing yourself to be important instead of always getting the leftovers. I started my business as a result of my own health desires. Yes, initially it was just to get my body back after my 2nd baby, but it soon grew to something more. I actually started to understand what my friends had seen long before. They say energy, better sleep and yes I finally wanted to play with my kids in the park. I wasn't flat out exhausted anymore. The addition of walking, riding my bike with my kids and not eating the leftovers on their plates was the start to something more. So what is keeping you from doing something. Taking a walk? Saying yes to a bike ride? or maybe saying no to that friend that always wants to eat fast food? Don't neglect YOU!!!

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